Betting on transfer Donny van de Beek

Is Donny van de Beek leaving Manchester United. And where will he go. It keeps many English people busy. Not necessarily out of interest in the footballer. No, there is money to be made with a good bet. And the English love sports betting.

In doing so, they are increasingly looking for crazy niches. What color pants will Donny wear during the press conference at which he announces his next club? A question like that might just trigger a bet. But for now it is mainly about that new club, reported

Donny van de Beek and Solskjaer

In 2010, Van de Beek was snatched up by Manchester United for Real Madrid, who also wanted the player. At his new club, however, he barely got to play. In a similar situation, a trainer can hide behind all kinds of tactical reasons. But the Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has already passed that point.

Donny van de Beek

He is accused by several people around Manchester United of personal arbitrariness. And today even of blatantly lying. This is how former MU midfielder Paul Ince described the way Solskjaer treats our (former) International.

Ince was the umpteenth to insist on a transfer. It is the only way, under Sokskjaer, not to completely kill the career of Donny van de Beek. Meanwhile, there are also those who, because of United's current performance, suggest a departure of the coach. After all, he has had three years to put together a top team. Now that it is in place, however, the results remain below par.

Donny van de Beek

For now, the English media and betting agencies are mainly talking about the departure of Donny van de Beek. Everton is the name most often mentioned as the next club. Everton's technical director, Dutch former footballer Marcel Brands, has previously made a bid to take over or rent Van de Beek.

They wanted to buy. And that seemed to go well. However, that was reversed by United. Renting seemed to be an option after that. But that too was stopped by MU at the last moment. And later on Everton was again kept on a tight leash. Just like Guido Albers, the manager of Donny van de Beek.

After that revelation in an interview with Brands, the bookies changed the odds. Where they first saw Inter Milan as the biggest transfer opportunity, it became Everton, with 13/8.

Back to Ajax

Brands told in the same interview that he is still interested. However, in January 2022 he is again dependent on the cooperation of United. The willingness to part with Van de Beek has increased at that club, according to insiders.

And then Ajax also has a good chance of being able to take the former player on again. The question is of course whether they will be willing to pay the 45 million euros that United paid in 2020 for that. Apart from salary and the like, Van de Beek made 114 expensive playing minutes for United (300,000 euros per played minute). Do the owners of the club, the American Glazer family, want to see something in return or will they take their loss?

Or also to Barcelona

Barcelona is also mentioned. But the chance that it will be Barcelona is small. There are already several Dutchmen playing there and the team and the club have enough problems, not only financial. Then the Italian clubs Inter Milan and Juventus are more obvious.

At Juventus Donny van de Beek can then play together with his old Ajax buddy Matthijs de Ligt. From January another half season, because De Ligt is also already looking for a next club.

On the bench

For now, Van de Beek is still on the bench at Manchester United. And former United player Paul Ince wants to say something about that. 'I have incredible respect for Donny. How he accepts it that Sokskjaer keeps choosing Pogba and others, while those players hardly reach their level. I would be extremely angry'.

Donny van de Beek

Ince also sees a warning in the situation. As a player you should not be blinded by a club or the money. A player and/or his business manager should always ask questions, such as "will I get playing time, how and where do I fit into the team, what will my role be?" and more of those things. They could just be questions that also come into play in English soccer betting.